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DIRECTOR’S REPORT By Dr. Goutam Sengupta at convocation 2015

Respected Shri B K Jhawar, Chairman of this ceremony, Distinguished Chief Guest, Shri Susim Mukul Datta;  Board of Trustees, Members of the Trust;  Members of the Board of Governors; The Secretary General; Members of Advisory Board; Members of Academic Council; Members of Academic Advisory Board; Members of Industry Institute Collaboration Advisory Board; Principal; Academic Advisor; Distinguished Professors; Members of Faculty and Staff; Distinguished Guests, Members of Press and Media and Dear Students and their families.

It is my pleasure to have the privilege to introduce the Chief Guest of this 5th Annual Convocation of Calcutta Business School, Shri Susim Mukul Datta who is present with us today. Shri S M Datta is a towering personality in the field of management, respected by all, both for academic institutions of excellence as well as for corporates with global eminence.   He is Chairman of Court of Governors of Administrative Staff College of India. He was Chairman of IIM Banglaore (1995-2005) and Founder Chairman of Goa Institute of Management (1993- 2006). He was a member of the first Review Committee of IIMs, HRD Ministry, Government of India. He is non-Executive Chairman of Castrol India Ltd, Philips India Ltd, Peerless General Finance and Investment Company Ltd to name  a few. Shri Datta was the Chairman of Hindusthan Lever Ltd as well as of the Unilever Group of Companies in India and Nepal from 1990-1996. In addition, he was the Director on the Board of numerous companies which are globally acclaimed. Shri Datta is past President of Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India, The Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industries to name a few.  Shri S M Datta graduated with Honours in Chemistry from the prestigious Presidency College, Kolkata and obtained his post graduate Degree in Science & Technology from the Kolkata University. He is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), Fellow of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers and Honorary Fellow of All India Management Association. Susimda, we are grateful for your kind presence as the Chief Guest of this occasion.

May I request all my students to kindly stand up and give a standing ovation to our Distinguished Chief Guest with a round of applause.

I now turn towards placing the Director’s Report in this 5th Annual Convocation of Calcutta Business School.

Calcutta Business School has set itself different from the bandwagon of other business schools which are mushrooming all over the country. There are number of parameters which place us on a different pedestal in the league of business schools. The School is autonomous albeit AICTE approved and developed curricula which will not only provide the basic background and acumen for business operation, but also will stimulate the students independent thought process to approach the vast arena of management from various novel perspectives. This is evident the way our curriculum is structured in several clusters and the type of innovative course we offered. In addition to the 28 core courses, there are five clusters of specializations and each cluster has got 8 elective courses on varied areas of interest. In short, we provide wide range of choices to the students to develop their core competencies in conjunction with their inherent talents.  We are an institute where apart from regular interactive classroom lectures, pedagogy is more leaned towards case based studies, group projects, group activities and assignments, business simulation games and working on the floors of industries and markets. Residential structure of our institution and close linkage with the industry through industry institute collaboration board, where more than a dozen of reputed industries take active interest have helped us in setting up this kind of unique learning methodology. The institute gives lot of emphasis on values and ethics. We have unique courses such as, ‘History of Human and Business Development’ and ‘Total Quality Management’ and I am to announce that we have constituted special category medals for the students who have excelled in such areas which helps in developing ‘better human being’ which is the fundamental criteria of developing good managers for the future. I am happy to announce some of our graduating students shall be receiving medals in this convocation having excelled in these areas.

The institution is equipped with a state of the art library with books and journals, numbers exceeding 6550 and having access to more than 10000 e-books, e-journals and real time stock market information. The library system functions like issue, receipt, cataloguing, entry, viewing etc. is fully automated and operates on ERP platform. We have recently become the institutional member of DELNET which shall allow us to access their huge collection of e-books, e-journals, databases, videos, networked digital libraries of Theses and Dissertations.

 Modern Management Education is becoming dependent on e-learning. Recognising this fact, the institute has upgraded to a high-speed 20 MBps internet connectivity having superior quality in terms of speed and uptime, using a wi-fi network totally connected through optical fibres in the entire campus. The institute has also introduced an intranet (LAN) facility using an in-house server of 500 GB which has immensely benefitted the students and faculty as the lecture notes, presentations, case studies, research work, etc can be kept in a share folder which can be accessed and viewed by all concerned. The institute has installed an ERP network for online information and communication. Students’ results and students’ feedback on course and faculty are generated electronically through this ERP system.

To bring thrust on Quality Management Systems in the school, we have gone for ISO 9001:2008 certification which was awarded to us by STQC Certification Body, Government of India. The school is in process of accreditation from National Board of Accreditation (NBA).  

With respect to the faculty, we have full time faculty members with distinguished academic and research background from some of the world’s best known institutions like Wharton Business School; Johns Hopkins University; IIMs; XLRIs and IITs. Beside our full time faculty members, we have on board more than 12 international visiting faculty and guest faculty from all over the world from best-known institutions like University of Nottingham; Curtin Business School, Australia; University of Central Oklahoma; Montclair State University, Washington State University, Pullman, USA; Columbia University; Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines; University of Cincinnati; Stanford University; University of Pittsburgh; Georgia State University, just to name a few, who visit the campus time to time and teach various courses.

Consultancy, Publications and Research Work is our main thrust area. I am happy to announce that we have forged an alliance with IIT Kharagpur to conduct joint industrial consultancy to bring forward much desired industrial rejuvenation. Currently, we are pursuing with one of the major Pharmaceutical company with global footprints to undertake a consultancy assignment for improvement in their shopfloor performance. Publications and research work conducted by our faculty have grown by more than 50% compared to the previous year where more than 51 research publications including book publication have already been authored and presented by our eminent faculty members. Along with our faculty, many of our students are participating in the research work and I am happy to inform that number of our students have received various awards for their presentations in conferences and publications in refereed journals, some of them are also present in today’s convocation.

Other than creating high quality managers for the corporates and eminent researchers, we greatly recognize our responsibility to create entrepreneurs which is call of the day. Our Chairman, Shri S K Birla has always been enthusiastic on this subject. I am happy to inform that we have setup ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre’ with an objective to create budding entrepreneurs from within our students and for this purpose we have tie-up with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).

Recognizing the fact that our students are required to be equipped with modern day technologies in addition to their on-going PGDM programme, we have tied-up with SAP University Alliances, who are the global leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (Software) and we are offering this programme on optional basis. SAP University Alliance jointly with CBS is providing Certificate of Completion to the students who successfully completed the programme.

Under the category of executive education, we partnered with SAS who is the global leader in business analytics and the largest independent service provider in the business intelligence market in the world having more than 65,000 sites in over 135 countries across the world. We are already running a joint certification programme of six months duration with SAS at Shri Shikshayatan School premises, where the classes are regularly held at weekends with faculties drawn from CBS as well as from SAS.

Recognizing the fact that development of MSME sector is the backbone of industrial rejuvenation, we have been conducting special programmes for MSME sector in collaboration with Federation of Small & Medium Industries (FOSMI), we have been given a grant by Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India to conduct a research project titled “Extent of R&D and Innovation in MSME: Strategies, Determinants and Effects”. The project is moving as per stipulated schedule.

Our placement happens in 35 diverse industry verticals across 60 different national and multi-national companies mostly through campus interviews. We are achieving 100% placement of our students year after year since the inception of the school. Basic premise of our existence is on the fact that through our residential well devised 360 degree mode of imparting education to our students, we develop them as a productive resource and place them with industries of repute where they perform year after year and those industries come back to us again and again seeking placement of our students. This gives us the confidence that we are indeed in the right framework of imparting knowledge and education. It is also true that the swings in the market, the society and the environment which in general affect the B-Schools, do affect us as well but with the given resilience we are sure to march ahead and succeed.
The fifth batch of PGDM students of 2012-14 Batch who shall be formally conferred with graduation today have already occupied special places in leading corporates. The list of companies who employed our students is also very impressive. It includes names like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Standard & Poors, Berger Paints, Maerskline, ICICI Securities, Eveready, McLeod Russel, HSBC, Future Group, IIFL, Century Ply, XL Dynamics, Franchise India to name a few.  I sincerely thank all those organizations from the core of my heart and we look forward to having long term mutual beneficial relationship.

Finally, few words to the students who are graduating today:

Although you shall be formally leaving the school, you shall stay part of the CBS family throughout your life as distinguished alumni of CBS. I strongly urge upon you to maintain this relationship and help us to build together and uphold the brand CBS, your alma mater as altar of excellence. It is you who shall be the brand ambassador of your school to the world outside. Let us together nurture CBS to a level of excellence contributing to the nation’s growth and prosperity.

The nation today needs young corporate leaders for giving leadership in sustainable growth. I am sure that you shall work steadfast and fearlessly towards this pious objective with value based approach which this institute has embedded in your thought process during your two year stay in this campus. In your journey towards this, you shall face many hindrances and obstacles. You shall come over all those obstacles through your resilience upholding the culture depicted in the words of our Great Poet, Rabindranath Tagore:

       In Poet’s original words:

“বিপদে মোরে রক্ষা করো নহে মোর প্রার্থনা--
বিপদে আমি না যেন করি ভয়।“

In Poet’s own translation:
“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers
but to be fearless in facing them.

Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain
but for the heart to conquer it.

Let me not look for allies in life's battlefield
but to my own strength.

Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved
but hope for the patience to win my freedom.

Grant that I may not be a coward,
feeling Your mercy in my success alone;

But let me find the grasp of Your hand in my failure.”

Thank you all very much.

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