Thursday, 14 December 2017


Article by : Prof Sanjeev Bajaj, Associate Professor - Finance, CBS

During placement activity, I had to face a big challenge – the challenge of ‘Target‘. Often students would opt out from the ‘Campus Recruitment’ after the pre-placement talk of a company citing the reason – It’s a Target Based Job and I don’t want to do a target based job.

I am really really surprised that how come anybody in this world live a life without any target. For whatever we do there is a target / objective / goal and there has to be one. Without target or goal or objective doing anything is useless.

Similarly, when I interact with people during my ‘Investor Awareness Programs’, I often come across people, who simply invest – without knowing what is the Objective of their investment. During discussions have come across many people who complained about “Negative Returns” or even “Capital Wiped-out” due to investment. On probing further they would tell that they “Simply Invested in XYZ asset”.

Our biggest challenge is this – Simply Invested. If you follow this practice of ‘Just Invested because my friend said or the agent asked me to do’ be prepared for shocks, and sometimes the serious shocks. Plan for your Financial Goals. We all know about “SMART” Goals. So set SMART Financial Goals also. If you have limited knowledge of investment option, engage a qualified financial adviser. Pay for his services and I am sure, you will not experience “Shocks”.

Happy savings and investing.

Below are some financial goals.

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